Venue Hire

The Meat Lounge venue offers clients true value for money. We are capable of hosting different types of events; from corporate events or meetings, to private parties or birthday celebrations, our special events team is here to assist you.

Event Decor


Our elegant venue provides the perfect setting for any special event.  If you don’t have your own decorations, Meat Lounge can as

sist clients with custom décor for events held at our venue, should you need table settings, backdrops, flower arrangements, and more. We can arrange our venue for corporate events, media events, intimate gatherings, full on parties, red carpet events or anything else you might desire.

Event Catering

braai meat2

Hosting an event at your own venue? Let us bring the meat to you!Our Meat Lounge catering team can assist with all your catering needs.  We can even include the service staff to make sure your guests have a top quality experience.

DJ’s and Audio/Video Equipment


We have PA systems, large display monitors and professional sound and lighting available for use by clients hiring our venue. Furthermore, we are able to leverage on existing relationships to assist clients with booking DJ`s to suit your occasion and audio/video engineering professionals to assist you in the successful hosting of your event.ll session.